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Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
(Government of India)
Skill Development - Management Information System
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List of Trainees Trained For CDGI, Firozabad

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SNoTrainee NameFather NameDOBCategoryProgramme Name
1. KM RASHMI SATISH CHANDRA 10/07/1999SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
2. KM POOJA HARISH CHANDRA 24/07/1993SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
3. KM ANJALI MAHESH CHANDRA 05/04/1999SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
4. SHIVAM KUMAR HARI KISHAN 12/10/1998SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
5. KM PRIYA HARI KISHAN 04/06/1995SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
6. DINESH KUMAR SHIV KUMAR 02/07/1993SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
7. TEJPAL DIWAKAR SHYAM LAL SINGH DIWAKAR 03/03/1997SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
8. RAVI SHANKAR DATARAM 14/04/1992SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
9. KM RITU NARENDRA DEV 18/05/1995SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
10. KM MANORAMA NARENDRA SINGH 04/02/1998SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
11. DHARM VEER DURG PAL 08/01/1996SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
12. KM JYOTI MAHENDRA SINGH 22/02/1997SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
13. HEMLATA RAMESH CHANDRA 21/08/1994SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
14. DUSHYANT SINGH TARA CHANDRA 10/09/1992SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
15. KM RAKHI RAJENDRA KUMAR 10/06/1996SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
16. KM KHUSHABU YAD RAM 08/09/1989SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
17. KM PRITI SINGH RAJ KUMAR SINGH 17/07/1992SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
18. KM HEMLATA RAJVEER SINGH 10/08/1997SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
19. RAHVENDRA KUMAR KRISHNA SWAROOP 12/06/1996SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
20. KM PRATIMA BUDDHA PRADIP KUMAR 04/02/1996SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
21. TULARAM BRAJ LAL 15/07/1996SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
22. GAURAV RATHOR DEVAKI NANDAN 06/07/1995OBCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
23. SATENDRA PRATAP SINGH HET SINGH 20/12/1995SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
24. RAMAN KUMAR RAMESH KUMAR 13/12/2000SCP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
25. KM POOJA RAMESH CHANDRA 05/07/1992GeneralP31549--Professional Accounting (Part Time)
26. VIKESH KUMAR RAMA SHANKAR 21/01/1995SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
27. AMAR KANT SAGAR ASHA RAM 19/11/2001SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
28. KM MEENU RAJVEER SINGH 12/12/1999SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
29. TINKU FAURAN SINGH 08/05/1997SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
30. KM RASHMI MUKESH 02/09/2000SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
31. SANDEEP KUMAR RAVINDRA KUMAR 15/08/1999SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
32. KM SHIVANI PRADEEP KUMAR 10/08/1999SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
33. KM PALLAVI DILEEP KUMAR 02/01/2000SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
34. KM SHIKHA SINGH MUNNESH KUMAR SINGH 30/01/1999SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
35. YASH RAJ SINGH DAULAT RAM 13/03/2001SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
36. SHIVAM VYAS MAHESH BABU VYAS 25/11/2000SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
37. KM ANU SONI GULAB SINGH 17/02/1999SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
38. AMIT KUMAR SINGH SHRI KRISHNA SINGH 18/08/2000SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
39. KM ANJALI RAKESH KUMAR JATAV 05/09/1994SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
40. KM SONAM HARI OM 07/05/2000SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
41. KM UPASANA AMAR SINGH 09/07/2000SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
42. ASHISH KUMAR SINGH SHRI KRISHNA SINGH 03/08/1998SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
43. BRAHAMCHARI HETRAM 01/01/2001SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
44. ARJUN VEER MAHESH CHANDRA 15/10/1999SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
45. MANISH KUMAR RAJVEER SINGH 03/02/2001SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
46. KM NEELAM POORAN SINGH 24/05/2001SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
47. KM SAZIYA NAIM 18/09/1996OBCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
48. KM JYOTI SAVITA HAREESH KUMAR 17/09/1994OBCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
49. KM MUQADDISA ZIA AKHTAR 25/06/1997OBCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
50. ASHISH MUNNA LAL20/05/2001SCP31552--Office Automation (Part Time)
51. RAVI KUMAR NARENDRA SINGH 05/05/1998SCP31550--Computer HardWare and Networking (Part Time)
52. HARI KISHAN PAPPU SINGH 01/01/1998SCP31550--Computer HardWare and Networking (Part Time)
53. DURGESH NANDANI BANARSI LAL05/02/1994SCP31550--Computer HardWare and Networking (Part Time)
54. SHAILENDRA BALVEER SINGH 20/08/1997SCP31550--Computer HardWare and Networking (Part Time)
55. KM NISHA SANTOSH KUMAR 15/08/1999SCP31550--Computer HardWare and Networking (Part Time)
56. KM ROSHNI KESHAV DEV 11/02/1998SCP31550--Computer HardWare and Networking (Part Time)
57. KM SONI SUNIL KUMAR 18/07/2001SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
58. SACHIN PRATAP SINGH HARI BABU 01/01/2000SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
59. KM SONAM RAJ KUMAR 20/11/1999SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
60. KM RAJNI MURARI LAL12/05/2000SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
61. KM VINEETA PRATAP SINGH NAR SINGH PAL 10/06/1999SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
62. KM LAXMI BIHARI LAL 15/07/2001SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
63. KM VEENA OM PRAKASH 26/10/1994SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
64. YOGESH KUMAR OM PRAKASH 12/07/1990SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
65. KM RADHA BHAGIRATH 01/04/1999SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
66. KM NEETU NEGHA PAL 05/07/1993SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
67. KM SUDHA BHAGIRATH 02/06/1997SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
68. RAHUL KUMAR GEETAM SINGH 01/01/1999SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
69. KM NISHA KISHAN KUMAR 15/07/2000SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
70. KM RACHNA VINOD KUMAR 01/07/1990SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
71. VISHAL KUMAR VEER PRATAP SINGH 26/01/2001SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
72. KM JYOTI RAJKUMAR 10/03/1997SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
73. ROHIT KUMAR RATAN SINGH 18/02/1999SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
74. KM SUSHMA RAJ KUMAR 15/12/1999SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
75. AMAR KANT SAGAR ASHARAM 19/11/2001SCP32117--Office Automation (Part Time)
76. ASHOK KUMAR PREM CHANDRA 08/09/1999SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
77. PRAYAG RAJ NIRANJAN SINGH 11/12/1997SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
78. AKASH KUMAR RAJESH KUMAR 16/07/2000SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
79. PRAVEET PAL SINGH UDAYVEER SINGH 11/03/1994SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
80. AJENDRA SINGH RAMVEER SINGH 06/12/1997SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
81. KHUSHVANT RAJ NIRANJAN SINGH 27/07/1995SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
82. ARUN KUMAR KESHAV DEV 04/07/1997SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
83. RAJANISH KUMAR CHANDRA PAL 07/08/1999SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
84. SHIV KUMAR GAMBHIR SINGH 20/08/1998SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
85. KM RISHU SANJAY 20/12/1999SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
86. KM RAKHI NIGAM SONPAL SINGH 13/08/1999SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
87. KM RAJNI MURARI LAL 12/05/2000SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
88. KM SHIVANI SINGH BHGHWAN SINGH 16/10/2000SCP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
89. KM NISHANKI SHARMA DEVENDRA KUMAR SHARMA22/05/1998GeneralP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
90. KM PRIYANKA VIMAL KUMAR 17/07/1993GeneralP32423--Certificate course in Office Automation (Part Time)
91. KM ANUPAMA GAUTAM MAHESH CHANDRA03/07/1998SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
92. KM RASHMI RAMESH CHANDRA 10/06/2000SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
93. VINOD GAUTAM RAMDAS 20/04/2000SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
94. KM RACHANA GOKUL SINGH 10/08/1996SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
95. SAURABH SINGH RAJ BAHADUR 08/11/2000SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
96. RAHUL KUMAR SATYA PRAKASH 06/09/1999SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
97. KM SHIKHA DHANEERAM 25/10/1995SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
98. DEEN DAYAL MEGH SINGH 20/12/1991SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
99. ARVIND KUMAR DATA RAM 10/12/1995SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)
100. KM DEEKSHA GAUTAM RAMAKANT GAUTAM 08/08/1998SCP32433--Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance(Part Time)