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List of Trainees Trained For PPDC, Agra

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SNoTrainee NameFather NameDOBCategoryProgramme Name
1. Km. Neha Avdesh kumar20/04/1999SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
2. Braj mohan Mr. Mahendra singh20/08/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
3. Pushpendra kumar Bachchu singh 16/11/1984SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
4. Bhagya shree Shree Bhim sen03/04/1994SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
5. Ravindra kumar Shree Roshan lal 17/01/1988SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
6. Vipin kumar Gautam Ramswaroop Gautam22/01/1994SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
7. Kuladeep kumar Shri bani singh21/07/1999SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
8. Satyam Singh Devesh Singh 12/07/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
9. Gaurav kumar dhar Ajay pal singh01/01/1998SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
10. Bhupendra Singh Virendra Singh 10/08/1997SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
11. Nitin Kumar Dharm Das03/09/1992SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
12. Vipin Kumar Om Prakash20/05/1989SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
13. Sonu Kumar Mr. Vinod Kumar10/09/1994SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
14. Sri Krishana Ram Prakash10/05/1989SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
15. Rahul Pratap Singh Ravindra Kumar10/07/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
16. Amit Kumar Rajendra Singh02/03/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
17. Amit Kumar Rakesh Babu02/07/1994SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
18. Rabena Pal Ravindra Pal08/04/1992SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
19. Sachin Sagar Ram Ratan Sagar20/08/1984SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
20. Pinky Lt.Durga Prasad10/05/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
21. Krishnan Kant Sher Singh20/06/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
22. Rahul Kumar Shri Mohan Singh11/07/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
23. Neeraj Kumar Niroti Lal07/08/1992SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
24. RAKESH RAMESH MARASKOLE RAMESH MARASKOLE07/01/1989SCP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
25. VIJAY BISUNLAL BHOYAR BISUNLAL BHOYAR25/10/1996SCP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
26. AKSHAY MAIKULAL KATHOUTE MAIKULAL KATHOUTE06/01/1996STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
27. SACHIN BABULAL SALAME BABULAL SALAME09/01/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
28. POURNIMA BABULAL SALAME BABULAL SALAME29/03/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
29. SEEMA HARISHCHANDRA KUMBHARE28/08/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
30. PRASHANT SADANDND RATHIPITANE10/12/1991STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
31. DURGESH ANWAR SHIKARI08/12/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
32. RAJKUMAR RUPCHAND RATHIPITANE RUPCHAND RATHIPITANE10/06/1994STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
33. KUMUD ZANAKLAL HIWARE ZANAKLAL HIWARE14/04/1979STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
34. SHRADDNA OMPRAKASH SORLEY OMPRAKASH SORLEY10/08/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
35. UMA ANWAR SHIKARI ANWAR SHIKARI11/07/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
36. KANAYALAL HIRALAL SORALE HIRALAL SORLEY08/06/1968STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
37. MANGESH YASHWANT SARATE YASHWANT SARATE01/04/1996STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
38. LAKHAN SUNIL KHANDATE SUNIL KHANDATE07/05/1999SCP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
39. AKASH UTTAM GODMARE UTTAM GODMARE21/10/1997SCP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
40. NIKITA RAJESH SHAHUSAKHALE RAJESH SHAHUSAKHALE06/01/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
41. GAURAV DIWALU CHAUDHARI DIWALU CHAUDHARI08/08/1998STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
42. LAKHAN SUNIL KHANDATE SUNIL KHANDATE07/05/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
43. AKASH UTTAM GODMARE UTTAM GODMARE21/10/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
44. NIKITA RAJESH SHAHUSAKHALE RAJESH SHAHUSAKHALE06/01/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
45. GAURAV DIWALU CHAUDHARI DIWALU CHAUDHARI16/08/1998STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
46. SHOBHARAO DHANSHING KTEKAM DHANSHING KTEKAM08/05/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
47. AJAY KISHOR UIKEY KISHOR UIKEY10/10/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
48. RANI MUNNA KATHOUTE MUNNA KATHOUTE01/01/2000STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
49. ROHIT KAILAS MADAVI KAILAS MADAVI11/09/1995STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
50. NIKITA SURESH KATHOUTE SURESH KATHOUTE04/07/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
51. MAYYR ANIL KATHOUTE ANIL KATHOUTE03/02/1998STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
52. AKSHAY KAWADU DHARNE KAWADU DHARNE31/12/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
53. NITESH BADSHAH KATHOUTE BADSHAH KATHOUTE07/09/1995STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
54. MEGHA ANIL KATHOUTE ANIL KATHOUTE30/10/1996STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
55. KOMAL RAMESH KOKODE RAMESH KOKODE01/07/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
56. ARCHANA DEVIDAS WARKHADE DEVIDAS WARKHADE02/01/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
57. RUSHIKESH ASHOK KANNAKE ASHOK KANNAKE21/10/1998STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
58. NITESH MAYARAM DHURVE MAYARAM DHURVE15/07/1998STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
59. NIKHIL BHOLAPRASAD KATHOUTE BHOLAPRASAD KATHOUTE08/01/1998SCP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
60. PRADEEP MANIK RAUTEL MANIK RAUTEL15/05/1989STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
61. RAVISHANKAR BISUNLAL BHOYAR BISUNLAL BHOYAR08/01/1993STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
62. MANISH SAMMAN SINGH SAMMAN SINGH11/08/1990STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
63. SHALINI SURESH UIKEY SURESH UIKEY14/04/1999STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
64. RANJIT NETRAM MELE NETRAM MELE19/07/1995STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
65. AJAY NETRAM MELE NETRAM MELE17/09/1996STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
66. RAHUL BISAN BHALAVI BISAN BHALAVI25/04/1996STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
67. SANJAY GOMA PARTETI GOMA PARTETI22/04/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
68. SURESH GANESH ADMACHI GANESH ADMACHI09/07/1997STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
69. ATUL BALCHAND UIKE BALCHAND UIKE25/09/1998STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
70. PANKAJ GOPICHAND UIKEY GOPICHAND UIKEY18/08/1994STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
71. RAKESH NATTHU PANDHARE NATTHU PANDHARE28/07/1996STP31300--Industrial and Fire Safety (Full Time)
72. Suraj kumar Rajesh kumar06/06/1995SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
73. Rahul kumar Vijendra singh01/08/1995SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
74. Nitin kumar Bankey lal02/03/1998SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
75. Km.Sulekha Mr. Hoti lal06/05/1998SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
76. Gagan deep Mr. Achal Singh16/01/2000SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
77. Lokesh kumar Ramkhilaai10/09/1998SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
78. Anita kumari Mr. Dwarika prashad01/02/1990SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
79. Ritu Singh Shree Ram Asre singh15/04/1993SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
80. Deepak kumar Mr. Ram charan singh02/06/1997SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
81. Rupendra kumar Rajveer Singh11/06/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
82. Yash kumar Bhikam singh12/10/1999SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
83. Arjun Jaswant 02/07/1997SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
84. Vivek kumar shri Ramprakash10/09/1978SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
85. Rajeev kumar Sugar singh19/05/1995SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
86. Prakash kumar pippal Suresh babu pippal20/10/1994SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
87. Aman kumar Dharm das26/11/1997SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
88. Trilok ranjan Kamlesh ranjan26/01/1993SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
89. Manish bharti shree satish chand bharti05/03/2001SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
90. Komal Singh Suresh chandra05/06/1994SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
91. Varun kumar sri jaswant singh20/12/1999SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
92. Madhulata Avdhesh kumar20/06/1996SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
93. Brijesh kumar Balveer singh20/11/1997SCP30998--Course On Computer Concept (CCC)(Part Time)
95. BABLU SINGH POORAN SINGH09/07/1995SCP31067--Catia
98. AMIT KUMAR SINGH HAKIM SINGH20/10/1996SCP31067--Catia
99. narendra kumar singh POORAN SINGH26/02/1991SCP31067--Catia
100. BHOLA PRAJAPAT SHANKAR LAL01/01/2000GeneralP31385--Computer Awareness Programme (Full Time)