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List of Trainees Trained For TRTC, Guwahati

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SNoTrainee NameFather NameDOBCategoryProgramme Name
1. DIPANKAR BORO RUBUL BORO03/01/1998STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
2. DAVID BORO MAHESWAR BORO18/07/1997STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
3. SATYAJIT MALAKAR GANESH MALAKAR01/03/1993SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
4. BISWAJIT DAS MILAN CHANDRA DAS15/11/1995SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
5. PINKU RABHA BALEN RABHA10/06/1995STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
6. BIKASH BARUAH HEMANTA BARUAH01/01/1999OBCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
7. DIPUL BORAH GOPAL BORAH01/01/1999OBCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
8. SHYAMANTA KACHARI HARESWAR KACHARI15/06/1999STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
9. NITUL DAS PRABIN DAS01/02/2001OBCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
10. PROBIN BASUMATARY JOGEN BASUMATARY10/10/1995STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
11. HIRAKJYOTI BORO BIPIN BORO27/06/1998STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
12. JITEN BORO SONESWAR BORO05/08/1999STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
13. JINTU DEKA LATE JIBAN CHANDRA DEKA01/01/1998SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
14. PRANAB DAS BHABEN DAS11/04/1998SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
15. NAYAN MONI KALITA CHIKUN KALITA01/11/1997GeneralP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
16. DIPU DAS AMULYA CH DAS27/03/1998GeneralP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
17. HIRAKJYOTI CHOUDHURY DIGAMBAR CHOUDHURY17/07/1996GeneralP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
18. KUMUD DAS NAGEN DAS21/07/1998SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
19. GOVINDA BORO RANJIT BORO28/02/1995STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
20. BIDYUT DAIMARY KANAK DAIMARY01/10/1998STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
21. MRINAL DAS PROMOD CHANDRA DAS06/10/1999SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
23. RAJU BORO RONO BORO01/09/1995STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
25. SANKAR DEKA BHUBANESWAR DEKA01/02/1999GeneralP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
26. PRANJIT DAS JITEN DAS03/03/1999SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
27. JITU DAS JITEN DAS14/12/1996SCP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
28. PANKAJ BORO GOBINDRA BORO30/08/1995STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
29. SARHABE KRO CHONDRASING KRO01/11/1996STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
30. DHIRAJ KALITA RAMESH CH KALITA06/11/1994GeneralP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
31. DHIRAJ DEURI LATE MOHAN DEURI01/03/1997STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
32. RATAN DEORI PROBIN KR DEORI19/08/2000STP39004--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
33. RANAPRATAP BORO JAYANTA BORO31/01/1994STP39023--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
34. JITUMANI DEKA ANIL DEKA27/06/1994GeneralP39023--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
35. KAMAL RABHA DHANESWAR RABHA08/10/1998STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
36. MUNINDRA KACHARI BIREN KACHARI30/03/1999STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
37. IFTAUL HAQUE NABAB ALI01/09/1999GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
38. MANOJ DAS DHARANI DAS01/03/2001OBCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
39. NAYANMANI RABHA BRIHASPATI RABHA31/12/1996STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
40. ABDUL KAYEM ENGRAJ ALI01/01/1997GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
41. BIKASH RABHA JATIN RABHA20/10/2000STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
42. JAHANGIR ALOM ABUL KASHEM03/02/1999GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
43. PRANAB DAS LATE RATNESWAR DAS01/01/1999SCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
44. RAHUL DAS RAGHAB DAS01/10/1999SCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
45. SANJIB DAS NRIPEN DAS21/01/2000SCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
46. KAUSHIK KALITA BABUL KALITA 05/03/2001GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
47. SUMAN KUMAR DAS ANUPAM KUMAR DAS23/02/2001GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
48. ASHIM DAS PRABIN DAS01/02/2001GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
49. DILIP KALITA PURNA RAM KALITA15/07/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
50. MRINMOY DAS KRISHNA DAS31/01/2002SCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
51. JYOTIRMOY KALITA BHARAT KALITA03/11/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
52. PARAG DAS SOMBARU DAS01/08/2000OBCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
53. ANKUR KALITA HIREN CHANDRA KALITA28/10/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
54. BIDYUT THAKURIA GAGAN THAKURIA01/01/1999OBCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
55. SAMAR KALITA NARESWAR KALITA 01/07/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
56. SIMANSHU KALITA NRIPEN KALITA01/01/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
57. JAYANTA KALITA RAJANI KALITA23/05/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
58. MRINAL JYOTI BORO KUMUD CHANDRA BORO21/12/1997STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
59. DIPANKAR DAS LAMBODHAR DAS20/08/2000OBCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
60. NAYANJYOTI KALITA RAMESH KALITA31/01/2000GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
61. JUN JYOTI BORO DIMBESWAR BORO30/07/1996STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
62. DIMPAL DAS KUMUD DAS20/02/1997SCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
63. DHANJIT KALITA NAREN KALITA17/11/2001GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
64. ABDUL NUR LATE MAKBUL HUSSAIN01/01/1998GeneralP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
65. HITESH BORO RAJEN BORO21/04/1998STP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
66. MITALI BORA PHANIDHAR BORA14/11/1997OBCP41627--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
67. SANJOY BORO LAKSHAN BORO20/02/1999STP44588--Certificate Course in Fitter and Rigger(Full Time)
68. JAYANTA BORO LATE MISLU BORO10/04/1996STP44588--Certificate Course in Fitter and Rigger(Full Time)
69. SAMIR RABHA GAJEN RABHA31/12/2000STP44588--Certificate Course in Fitter and Rigger(Full Time)
70. RANTU RABHA CHAMPAK RABHA28/10/1999STP44588--Certificate Course in Fitter and Rigger(Full Time)
71. KARUNA KANTA SARKAR SUSHIL KR SARKAR01/02/1999SCP44588--Certificate Course in Fitter and Rigger(Full Time)
72. DIPANKAR BORO RUBUL BORO03/01/1998STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
73. DAVID BORO MAHESWAR BORO18/07/1997STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
74. SATYAJIT MALAKAR GANESH MALAKAR01/03/1993SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
75. BISWAJIT DAS MILAN CHANDRA DAS15/11/1995SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
76. PINKU RABHA BALEN RABHA10/06/1995STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
77. BIKASH BARUAH HEMANTA BARUAH01/01/1999OBCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
78. DIPUL BORAH GOPAL BORAH01/01/1999OBCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
79. SHYAMANTA KACHARI HARESWAR KACHARI15/06/1999STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
80. NITUL DAS PRABIN DAS01/02/2001OBCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
81. PROBIN BASUMATARY JOGEN BASUMATARY10/10/1995STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
82. HIRAKJYOTI BORO BIPIN BORO27/06/1998STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
83. JITEN BORO SONESWAR BORO05/08/1999STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
84. JINTU DEKA LATE JIBAN CHANDRA DEKA01/01/1998SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
85. PRANAB DAS BHABEN DAS11/04/1998SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
86. NAYAN MONI KALITA CHIKUN KALITA01/11/1997GeneralP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
87. DIPU DAS AMULYA CH DAS27/03/1998GeneralP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
88. HIRAKJYOTI CHOUDHURY DIGAMBAR CHOUDHURY17/07/1996GeneralP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
89. KUMUD DAS NAGEN DAS21/07/1998SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
90. GOVINDA BORO RANJIT BORO28/02/1995STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
91. BIDYUT DAIMARY KANAK DAIMARY01/10/1998STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
92. MRINAL DAS PROMOD CHANDRA DAS06/10/1999SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
94. RAJU BORO RONO BORO01/09/1995STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
96. SANKAR DEKA BHUBANESWAR DEKA01/02/1999GeneralP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
97. PRANJIT DAS JITEN DAS03/03/1999SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
98. JITU DAS JITEN DAS14/12/1996SCP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
99. PANKAJ BORO GOBINDRA BORO30/08/1995STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)
100. SARHABE KRO CHONDRASING KRO01/11/1996STP35345--Machinist (SCVT)(Full Time)