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List of Trainees Trained For IDEMI, Mumbai

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SNoTrainee NameFather NameDOBCategoryProgramme Name
1. Narayan Chandrakant Sawant Chandrakant Sawant27/06/1999GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
2. Mangesh Bapusaheb Gaikwad Bapusaheb Gaikwad03/12/1985SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
3. Lekha Anilkumar Ranpise Anilkumar Ranpise05/05/1989GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
4. Siddhesh Ashok Yewale Ashok Yewale17/07/1989GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
5. Abhay Sharad Jadhav Sharad Jadhav09/12/1983SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
6. Preet Sunil Deshbhratar Sunil Deshbhratar10/03/1999SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
7. Harshwardhan Krishant Chavan Krishant Chavan09/05/1999GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
8. Shivram Pandurang Khamkar Pandurang Khamkar02/02/1982GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
9. Bhaveshree Govind Padaya Govind Padaya31/03/1989SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
10. Dinesh Jeevanlal Parihar Jeevanlal Parihar01/05/1991GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
11. Hardik Sudhir Parab Sudhir Parab31/01/1999OBCP79537--Electric Vehicle
12. Akshay Rajesh Gupta Rajesh Gupta05/03/1996GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
13. Sarvesh Sukumar Parab Sukumar Parab19/05/1998OBCP79537--Electric Vehicle
14. Sudesh Vitthal Mohite Prabhakar Vitthal Mohite10/06/1986SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
15. Mukund Mahadev Tupe Mahadev Tupe16/04/1992SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
16. Fahim Abdul Shaikh Tukaram Abdul Shaikh02/09/1982GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
17. Shubham Ganpat More Tukaram Ganpat More24/06/1997OBCP79537--Electric Vehicle
18. Shalaka Milind Lankeshwar Tukaram Milind Lankeshwar06/12/1978SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
19. Mohammed Mohsin Tukaram Mohsin04/05/1998OBCP79537--Electric Vehicle
20. Santosh Govind Gaikwad Tukaram Govind Gaikwad27/10/1981SCP79537--Electric Vehicle
21. Gauri Sumeet Kadam Sumeet Kadam31/03/1980GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
22. Prasad Deepak Rane Tukaram Deepak Rane16/09/1996GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
23. Abhishek Yogendra Yadav Tukaram Yogendra Yadav10/11/2001GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
24. Niraj Maheshsingh Raul Tukaram Maheshsingh Raul04/01/2000GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
25. Jatin Satish Balodi Tukaram Satish Balodi01/07/1999GeneralP79537--Electric Vehicle
26. Tushar Pandurang Surve Pandurang Surve20/06/1977OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
27. Ansari Tanzil Zoyebur Rahman Zoyebur Rahman 23/08/2004OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
28. Atharv Ramesh Ghate Ramesh Ghate02/11/2001GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
29. Gaurav Jaiprakash Wankhede Jaiprakash Wankhede25/05/2000OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
30. Mahesh Manohar Bhakare Manohar Bhakare16/09/1982GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
31. Sachin Vinod Kharate Vinod Kharate10/03/1998SCP79539--Electric Vehicle
32. Akhilesh Shankar Gaddam Shankar Gaddam12/11/2003GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
33. Chirag Kaluram Mungase Kaluram Mungase02/07/2002OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
34. Vinit Pramod Gawande Pramod Gawande23/05/1987OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
35. Azhar Izhar Shaikh Izhar Shaikh04/05/2000GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
36. Dushant Arun Thakare Arun Thakare13/04/1989OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
37. Suresh Kumar Gora Gora Kumar13/12/2002OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
38. Sandeep Birendra Nath Thakur Kumar Birendra Nath12/12/1991GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
39. Rajendra Singh Gurjar Gurjar Singh21/12/1988OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
40. Anish Madhukar Dipaji Madhukar Dipaji09/11/1982OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
41. Ashish Prakash Kamble Prakash Kamble21/04/1988SCP79539--Electric Vehicle
42. Pranay Prakash Gaonkar Prakash Gaonkar25/01/1999GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
43. Deepak Pandurang Waghe Pandurang Waghe28/05/1979OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
44. Nikhil Suresh Shinde Suresh Shinde01/08/1992SCP79539--Electric Vehicle
45. Omkar Vilas Sontakke Vilas Sontakke07/12/2000OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
46. Tushar Balu Page Balu Page22/02/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
47. Dipak Hiraman Jopale Hiraman Jopale 08/01/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
48. Harshada Somnath Kavar Somnath Kavar26/05/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
49. Hemraj Kamlakar Hinde Kamlakar Hinde25/11/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
50. Dipak Ananda Jadhav Ananda Jadhav15/09/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
51. Urmila Jayram Gavali Jayram Gavali23/08/2000STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
52. Gaytri Kashinath gaikwad Kashinath gaikwad09/09/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
53. Chaitali Sanjay Bhoye Sanjay Bhoye13/06/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
54. Kalyani Balasaheb Kokate Balasaheb Kokate11/01/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
55. Sanskruti Ashok Khotare Ashok Khotare08/05/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
56. Durga Gulab Galvi Gulab Galvi10/06/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
57. Akshada Fakira Ghane Fakira Ghane 16/02/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
58. Kalpana Bharat Raut Bharat Raut20/09/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
59. Swati Tukaram Kokate Tukaram Kokate29/09/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
60. Nilam Ananda Malekar Ananda Malekar 04/12/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
61. Khushal Yashvant Gaikwad Yashvant Gaikwad 18/12/2001STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
62. Rohidas Motiram Jadhav Motiram Jadhav 03/05/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
63. Chhaya Pundlik Jopale Pundlik Jopale12/08/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
64. Komal Suresh Gavali Suresh Gavali 01/12/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
65. Ajay Dilip Gongode Dilip Gongode12/12/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
66. Payal Suresh Gavli Suresh Gavli12/05/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
67. Sahil Sanjay Pawar Sanjay Pawar19/04/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
68. Keshav Kalu Gotarne Kalu Gotarne08/01/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
69. Chandrakala Dhondiram Bhoye Dhondiram Bhoye10/05/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
70. Sagar Krishna Rathod Krishna Rathod06/07/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
71. Meghna Namdev khandavi Namdev khandavi14/04/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
72. Komal Keshav More Keshav More08/07/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
73. Lalita Shivaji Bharsat Shivaji Bharsat08/08/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
74. Suraj Nandu Gangode Nandu Gangode07/07/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
75. Shital Devidas Gaikwad Devidas Gaikwad26/06/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
76. Akash Nabhan Gangode Nabhan Gangode04/04/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
77. Kajal Pandit Gangode Pandit Gangode15/06/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
78. Jayshree Ashok Pawar Ashok Pawar23/01/2004STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
79. Hemant Kantilal Gawali Kantilal Gawali07/01/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
80. Nivedita Kamlakar Raut Kamlakar Raut22/06/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
81. Dipali Murlidhar Bhoye Murlidhar Bhoye19/07/2003STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
82. Pooja Shivaji More Shivaji More03/10/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
83. Amol Suresh Boke Suresh Boke21/02/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
84. Vishal Namdev Zurade Namdev Zurade20/06/2001STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
85. vaibhav Kantilal Pawar Kantilal Pawar29/11/2001STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
86. Chetan Mohan Bhoye Mohan Bhoye31/07/2002STP80369--Entrepreneureship Awareness Program (EAP)
87. Shubham Santosh Jadhav Santosh Jadhav08/04/2005OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
88. Hemant Ashok Sakpal Ashok Sakpal09/10/1985SCP79539--Electric Vehicle
89. Sachin Ashok Kamble Ashok Kamble18/12/1988SCP79539--Electric Vehicle
90. Mandar Ganesh Dalvi Ganesh Dalvi14/04/2000GeneralP79539--Electric Vehicle
91. Rushikesh Chandrashekhar Butale Chandrashekhar Butale02/03/2001OBCP79539--Electric Vehicle
92. Suraj Anand Walawalkar Anand Walawalkar03/03/2003SCP79545--Electric Vehicle
93. Shreyas Sunil Shirke Sunil Shirke21/07/2003SCP79545--Electric Vehicle
94. Pranay Dinesh Pawar Dinesh Pawar14/10/1999OBCP79545--Electric Vehicle
95. Sanket Vinod Gaikwad Vinod Gaikwad22/07/2003GeneralP79545--Electric Vehicle
96. Chinmay Chandrakant Sawant Chandrakant Sawant01/06/2003SCP79545--Electric Vehicle
97. Praful Ganesh Pardeshi Ganesh Pardeshi 22/06/1999OBCP79545--Electric Vehicle
98. Shriraj Rajendra Kharat Rajendra Kharat19/12/1998SCP79545--Electric Vehicle
99. Manoj Jayram Kudtarkar Jayram Kudtarkar20/05/1983OBCP79545--Electric Vehicle
100. Ziya Ur Rahman Ur Rahman11/12/2001OBCP79545--Electric Vehicle